Svakom Hedy X Mixed – masturbation egg set (5pcs)



For the perfect hand job at home or on the go!
A mixture of 5 removable masturbators Hedy X – Mixed from Svakom. Each masturbator is in a practical egg-shaped cover. The cover is a lubricant distributor, drying stand and dust-free storage space. The very flexible and velvety soft masturbation sleeve fits around any penis and can be used 5 to 10 times. The pronounced, stimulating texture inside is perfect for an intense and orgasmic massage during a hand job.

5 masturbators in a set. The masturbators have different stimulating textures: 1 x Confidence (diamond), 1 x Experience (grooves), 1 x Reaction (dots), 1 x Speed (ribs) and 1 x Control (spiral).

Each masturbator is 9 cm long, Ø 1.8 cm (everything is very flexible), weight 68 g. TPE, ABS (egg).

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